Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stupid Britney Spears Latest Oops

Stupid Britney Spears Latest Oops

Pop singer hits car, blows off incident and goes shopping.

Perhaps Britney forgot that sheÕs being followed by a flock of paparazzi photographers virtually everywhere she goes. That could be the only reasonable explanation for why the former princess of pop wouldnÕt have done the right thing and notified the owner of the car she schmucked when the accident occurred. Or perhaps Spears was in a really big hurry to get to a clothing sale. Xinhua news service reports that the increasingly erratic pop starlet simply hopped out, checked the damage, and proceeded on her merry way to go shopping.

Videotape footage of the incident shows Spears, toting a puppy on her lap, attempting to park a black convertible and colliding with an adjacent silver Mercedes-Benz. This was on Monday. The owner of the Mercedes-Benz viewed the accident on TV, but decided to wait and give Spears a chance to step forward. Kim Robard-Rifkin, a registered nurse, finally filed a report on Thursday with police, saying that she is not looking for money or a new car, but simply wants the damage repaired. ÒI simply want my car fixed, the same as I would fix somebodyÕs car if I had done that.Ó

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