Thursday, May 3, 2007

Christina Ricci Nude New Movie

Christina Ricci Nude New Movie

Actress Christina Ricci paraded on the set of her new movie in the nude.

The star of the movie The Addams Family plays the nymphomaniac Rae in the new film Black Snake Moan and, in order to get into character, she took her clothes off in front of the entire crew on the set.

She said that she did not have any shame at all and that it had been easy for her to take her clothes off because the scenes in which you stripped or were nude demanded it.

Nudity in a scene is something perfectly normal, especially when you play a person who does not appreciate her body all that much and to whom it does not matter whether she is dressed or not.

ÒNot only was I comfortable, but I could look at anybodyÕs face and see they were comfortable,Ó said Christina.

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