Saturday, May 5, 2007

Insane Bush Outsourcing War

Insane Bush Outsourcing War theyÕre going to hell

The White House wants to appoint a high-powered czar to oversee the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with authority to issue directions to the Pentagon, the State Department and other agencies, but it has had trouble finding anyone able and willing to take the job, according to people close to the situation.

Wait a minute. IsnÕt that the Commander in ChiefÕs job? Has Bush taken outsourcing to a new level? This is absurd and those that were approached for the position said so.

At least three retired four-star generals approached by the White House in recent weeks have declined to be considered for the position, the sources said, underscoring the administrationÕs difficulty in enlisting its top recruits to join the team after five years of warfare that have taxed the United States and its military.

ÒThe very fundamental issue is, they donÕt know where the hell theyÕre going,Ó said retired Marine Gen. John J. ÒJackÓ Sheehan, a former top NATO commander who was among those rejecting the job.

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