Friday, May 4, 2007

Jenny Woo Celebrity Sex Tape

Jenny Woo Celebrity Sex Tape Rumored

Jenny Woo Celebrity Sex Tape Rumored to Exist!When I initially heard the rumor two days ago, it did not surprise me one bit that Jenny Woo had a celebrity sex tape floating around. Woo is a famous super sexy online gambling industry columnist.

ÒJenny Woo of Gambling911 is the hottest woman in the online gambling industry!Ó exclaimed Bones McCoy of 1800-Sports .

Her business cards at networking events have become collector items for those lucky enough to get one. I was once sitting at a dinner meeting at GIGSE in Montreal with Jenny Woo and a few other people and a conference attendee walked up to Jenny asking her for another business card.

"I met you the other day and you gave me your business card but my buddy stole it from me! Can I please have another one?"

"Sure sweetie," exclaimed Woo as she proceeded to kiss the back of the card to leave her lipstick mark on it before she handed it over. After her fan left our area she turned to me and said, "I have already given out over 500 of these cards and the conference just started! My Editor (Christopher Costigan) is going to be so happy with me."

Over the years, Jenny WooÕs column has developed a cult following. Most tune in to follow her wacky adventures such as the time she infiltrated a swingers convention in Mexico. Her fans love her Òtell it like it isÓ attitude as well as her breasts she lovingly refers to as "Mandy and Sandy".

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