Friday, May 4, 2007

Nude carwash for hot Aussies

Nude carwash for hot Aussies

Sydney - Australia's worst drought in memory has had many weird side-effects - but a nude carwash has to be one of the oddest.

The "big dry" has driven snakes into towns in search of water and sent thirst-crazed wild camels rampaging through outback camps.

In Brisbane, capital of the "Sunshine State" of Queensland on the east coast, it led to water restrictions, including a ban on residents washing their own cars.

The result was a boom in professional carwash services, a phenomenon which caught the eye of strip club entrepreneur Warren Armstrong.

He set up "Bubbles 'n Babes", where customers can have their cars washed by a topless woman for A$55, or a nude woman for A$100.

Armstrong told the City News newspaper this week the operation was above board.

"I'm just trying to make an honest dollar - simple as that," he said.

Police said no complaints had been received and, as the washing took place out of public view, no criminal offence was being committed.

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