Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Paris Hilton Nude Humiliating Jail Strip Searches

Paris Hilton Nude Humiliating Jail Strip Searches

Paris Hilton Can Expect Humiliating Strip Searches and Body Cavity Checks For Contraband While In Jail

TimeÕs running out for Paris Hilton.

With only 27 more days until she must surrender to authorities to serve her 45 days in jail for violating her probation, the heiress is reaching for any and all opportunities to avoid jail-time. And who could blame her. CNN is reporting via Jody ÒBabydollÓ Gibson, author of ÒSecrets of a Hollywood Super MadamÓ who spent 22 months in jail for her job running a prostitution ring spoke about what Paris can expect in jail, among the highlights: bathroom privileges with a glass door in plain view of guards, humiliating strip searches, including looking up her privates for contraband, 23 hour lock-down with only one hour of freedom, and her daily showers may or may not include her having handcuffs on. Yowza, that sucks. But then again, so doesÉ.well you know.

Paris is desperate to avoid jail for the very reasons stated above, and she is grasping at straws.

Only one day after firing her PR flack Elliot Mintz, she rehired him. She dumped her criminal defense lawyer Howard Wietzman and picked up well-known DUI defense lawyer Richard Hutton. SheÕs pimping an online petition for clemency that is getting ÒlaughsÓ from Governor SchwarzneggerÕs office. And several anti-Paris petitions have popped up on the internet, including a high profile one started by celeb gossip site IDonÕtLikeYouInThatWay - titled No Clemency For Paris. Which I just signed (6000+ votes so far) compared to the Free Paris petition(CNN which I wonÕt link to for obvious reasons.

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