Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sexy Michelle Rodriguez Lesbian Magazine Cover Shot

Sexy Michelle Rodriguez Lesbian Magazine Cover Shot

Michelle Rodriguez Former Lost actress Michelle Rodriguez has lashed out at the editors of Curve, a Lesbian Magazine, after they made her their cover girl without her prior permission.

The former ÒLostÓ star has refused to confirm or deny any of the ongoing reports that sheÕs gay, and insists the magazineÕs attempts to ÔoutÕ her are unwelcome.

In a posting on her official website, Michelle, 28, writes, ÒI guess Curve magazine took it upon themselves to out me on the premise of their own suspicions.

ÒIÕm not insulted, I have a big lesbian following, and for whatever reasons they show me love. IÕm never going to shun, disrespect or neglect anybody who shows me genuine non-psychotic love.

ÒI will say this: To put words in someoneÕs mouth and place people in categories affects them for sure, especially in this business.

ÒI donÕt know what the intent behind the Curve magazine cover was. I wasnÕt informed of it, I had no idea they were planning on using my image to sell magazines.Ó

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