Monday, May 7, 2007

Sex Scandal What Sex Scandal?

Sex Scandal What Sex Scandal?

The Revealing of DC MadamÕs Clients Fails To Shock

Yet another distraction from the war in Iraq and presidential campaigns has popped up all over the news. Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey is charged with operating a prostitution ring in D.C. This is not an accusation foreign to Palfrey, who was been charged and convicted for running an illegal prostitution business in California in 1991. It was not long after she was released from her 18 month sentence that she created Pamela Martin & Associates. This agency was based in California and D.C. and is the reason she is currently in a lot of legal trouble. Though the question of whether Palfrey was indeed running a prostitution service or the sex-free escort service is the main concern of the courts, her personnel and clientele are taking over the headlines in the media.

A sub headline to a Newsweek story reads, ÒBut the women who worked for her might surprise you: college grads, white-collar professionals, even military personnel.Ó I can only guess that the assumed profile for an escort would be someone who lacks higher education, that does not have a career outside of being an escort and that is lower on a social scale. With people in such high positions using this escort service, high quality women are needed. If this is truly an escort service and not a prostitution business, than the men are paying for the company of the women. Like Palfrey has mentioned, people are comfortable with others on their same intellectual level. These women are probably willing to be the escorts because it is a change from every day life; you get to be someone who you are not through most of the day, and its very good money for not a lot of effort. And if this is prostitution, we should not put it past established women to want to have sex frivolously for mon! ey. If well educated men, with good jobs and high positions in society are taking part in soliciting women and sometimes men for sex, then why is it so far- fetched that women of the same standing would not want to be involved in the business as well?

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