Sunday, June 10, 2007

Barry Diller Third Act

Barry Diller Third Act

Barry Diller, once a big wheel in Hollywood, was one of the first businessmen to figure out that this would be the wave of the future. He started a company now called InterActiveCorp or IAC. Though you may not recognize the name, Fortune Magazine recently named IAC America's most admired company in Internet services, ahead of eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, and even Google.

And you've certainly heard of some of the companyƕs brands, like Ticketmaster or the dating service As correspondent Lesley Stahl reports, IAC is an Internet giant that Diller sewed together, piece by piece.

Diller has for years had a reputation as a business visionary from his success in Hollywood when he ran Paramount Pictures and then created the Fox television network. He's now in his third act, as his own boss. This time the vision was that a TV screen could do a lot more than entertain us. It all started 15 years ago when he looked into the future.

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