Thursday, June 28, 2007

The iPhone is almost here

- but can you get one?

While people are already lining up at stores, neither Apple nor AT&T has said how many will be available when it goes on sale at 6 p.m. Friday. That means there's a chance some of those clamoring masses may go home empty-handed.

That hasn't dampened the spirit of the true believers.

"I'm psyched about it," said San Jose resident John Gonzales, 26, who plans to begin camping out tonight for the phone. "I've been a phone-head for quite some time now. This one just takes the cake; it does almost everything."

Apple has masterfully marketed the iPhone since unveiling it six months ago, analysts agree. Aside from national advertising and the already powerful Apple fan base, the company has skillfully - or perhaps by chance - fueled extraordinary speculation about the gadget. Inter est is so high that Web sites breathlessly report every detail of device sightings in Silicon Valley, as well as every detail about the gadget and how it works.

Already, rabid Apple fans and thrifty entrepreneurs are camping out at stores from New York to Walnut Creek. A group in the East Bay posted a message on craigslist early Wednesday showing a picture of three guys donning "iWAIT" T-shirts.

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