Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dana Kiger Soccer Injury

Dana Kiger Soccer Injury

Soccer Injury Wiped Out Teen's Memory
Dana Kiger Has Had to Recreate Her Memories

Dana Kiger is working on getting her memory back after a routine soccer injury.

Eighteen-year old Dana Kiger is happiest chasing down balls on the soccer field.

But not long ago, she couldn't remember her love of the game, her parents faces or even her name.
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At 16, the Tennessee honor student and star athlete was hit from behind while playing in a routine soccer game. She fell to the ground, her head striking the hard turf. The blow knocked out just about all of Kiger's memories.

With no physical trauma or swelling in her brain, doctors were positive Kiger's memory would return in a few days.

But it did not.

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