Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton Sopranos spoof Video

Hillary Clinton Sopranos spoof Video

Clinton campaign says 'Sopranos' spoof drew 500,000 to its website

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign says it whacked the competition on the Web yesterday.

Well, to be more precise it says the Sopranos spoof it posted appears to have helped draw more than 500,000 visitors to its website Tuesday. Seeing "Hill and Bill" act out a remake of the HBO series' much-hyped finale apparently did what the campaign hoped it would do: Get lots of attention and perhaps help raise a few bucks.

A press release e-mailed to reporters says "the number of visitors surpassed the previous campaign record set on the day Clinton announced her candidacy."

Presumably, many of the visitors also watched the video. How does the number compare to other popular "non-adult" videos on the Web in recent days?

Fellow Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's "YouTube Spotlight" has been watched about 510,000 times since it was posted a week ago. A 6-year-old girl "wowing" American Idol's Simon Cowell with her singing has been watched nearly 640,000 times in a week. "Mike Gravel - Rock," is closing in on 110,00 views after three weeks.

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