Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jennifer Tilly Sexy Buxom Bimbo Girlfriend

Jennifer Tilly Sexy Buxom Bimbo Girlfriend

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why we like her?
She teases audiences with her coy, innocent sexiness, but is secretly winking at the audience because the joke is on us; she is nowhere near as dumb as she looks.

why is she famous?
Jennifer Tilly is best known for being a character actress who excels playing dim-witted buxom girlfriends/wives. Her most famous roles are in Bound, Liar Liar and Bullets Over Broadway.

For years, Jennifer Tilly was known as "that girl with the tiny (yet high-pitched) voice that plays all those bimbos." It was an accurate description of the voluptuous actresses, since she did little work outside of her typecast token girlfriend roles.

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