Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Paris Hilton 48 hours in Jail

Paris Hilton 48 hours in Jail

Hilton has been in jail for two full days. According to her attorney things are going well. ÒSheÕs using this time to reflect on her life, to see what she can do to make the world better and, hopefully, in my opinion, to change the attitudes that exist about her among many people,Ó Hutton said.

TMZ is reporting that Paris is sporting a short-sleeved, orange jumpsuit. She is confined to a 12x8 foot cell with a bunk bed, toilet and washbasin. Luckily her cell has two windows, one of them overlooks buildings.

Paris Hilton is being held in solitary confinement because of her celebrity status. She is only allowed out of the cell for one hour a day to take a shower or talk on the phone. Her attorney feels like Hilton is being punished more by being segregated from the general inmate population.

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